Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beer Review: Good People IPA

Either I’m developing tolerance to the bitterness of hops, or this brew is remarkably balanced (of course given my predilection for IPAs the former is entirely possible!).  The malty body of this beer is met with a crisp citrusy bite from the clever use of drying hoping.

Good People Brewery of Birmingham, AL

Style: American India Pale Ale, ABV-7.2%

Appearance: Burnt orange with a slight coppery hue around the edges of the glass.  Fans of Auburn University should rejoice and make this their official brew, as it is almost an exact replication of their school’s primary color (fans of the Crimson Tide from Tuscaloosa shouldn’t be discouraged… just don’t think about the color too much)!  This head on this beer, like most from Good People, is impressive.  Thick and rocky it resembles that of a properly poured Irish stout more than most bottled American IPAs.

Aroma: This beer’s aroma opens with a strong hit of floral hops combined with an assertive bite of citrus (orange predominates with a faint whiff of lemon on end of aroma).  It finishes with sweet caramel notes (maltiness), not unlike a loaf of bread dough before it’s baked.

Taste: The flavor profile of this brew opens with subtle bready notes at the very top of your palate; these notes are then quickly subdued by powerful right jab of citrus (more orange and grapefruit than lemon).  Not to dismay though, the malty notes return at the conclusion of the flavor progression to finish in a battle royal between the two profiles; hops vs. malt-find out who wins by trying some of this great brew!

Mouthfeel: Crips and refreshing is the only way I can describe the mouthfeel for this brew.  Unfortunately however, the aftertaste is slightly cloying and lingers for an interminably lengthy amount of time.

Overall:  If you are a fan of IPAs, you’ll love this brew!  If you’re not a fan of IPAs, or don’t know what they are for matter, you’ll probably not find it as satisfying.  But like all things, don’t knock it before you try it!

Eat good food.  Drink good beer.  And above all, stay classy!

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