Thursday, September 22, 2011

To be Avoided like the Plague…

I would like to provide the following statement regarding this review.  I am not in the habit of writing shockingly negative reviews simply to deride a dining establishment.  Most restaurants, food carts, and dives in America are owned and operated by dedicated and loyal individuals who will devote their lives, and a good deal of money, to the success of their venues.  However, unlike many “reviewers” I also offer my suggestions for improving both service and food quality.  Unfortunately, this review is a reflection of the indifference exemplified by the wait staff. 

Rio Grande Mexican on Urbanspoon
Rio Grande in Boulder, CO

On our last stop of the Non-Bachelor’s Party tour of Colorado, we stopped in the picturesque and hip, mountainside town of Boulder.  As it was our last night we decided that drinks were in order, and spying the rooftop seating area of the Rio Grande restaurant it was an easy decision where to start our journey.  Little did we know that we would soon be headed down the river Styx to the underworld of service-dom.

We were seated promptly in our desired location, which was pleasantly surprising given the popularity of this venue on a Saturday night; but this is where the service really stopped. 

Our waitress was curt, rude, and even uttered the phrase “whatever” when I tried to thank her for bringing a glass of water.  Now, I will admit that my expectations of service may be slightly higher than the average customer (I do live in the South after all, where hospitality and service are regarded above all else in a dining experience), but there is never an excuse to nonchalantly dismiss those who will later be contributing to your wages. 

Needless to say we decided to call it quits after one round of their poorly produced, artificially flavored, and overly saccharine margaritas.  On our way through the exit not a single hostess even bothered to look at us, until I waved good bye and proclaimed “Guest Leaving, Good Bye.”

Come on Boulder, I know that you can do better than this. 

Previously and on this trip I have dined at several establishments nearby, and no matter the level of “hipness” at the venue none of the wait staffs have ever approached the chilling indifference that I encountered on that evening. 

Too bad we never made it past our drinks, the food must be awesome to tolerate such poor service.

Eat good food (just not here).  Drink good beer (avoid the margaritas).  And above all, stay classy (unlike our waitress).

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