Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Food Wednesday: January 4, 2012

A persimmon or maybe it's just a yellow apple...  What could it be?

Find out what it is after the jump!

Our first "New Food Wednesday" post of 2012, comes from a dedicated reader and close friend. Thanks Carol!

It's the Loquat! 

According to the infinitely expanding Wikipedia-verse, the loquat is native to central China (though the contemporary perception is that this fruit hales from Japan), and is similar to the apple in taste, sugar, acid, and pectin content. 

Interesting fact about the loquat, it blooms in late autumn and the fruits ripen on the tree during winter months.

(for the complete Wikipedia article click on the following link: )

Eat good food.  Drink good beer.  And above all, stay classy!

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  1. what is that fruit? Looks yummy! love the site! congrats!


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