Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Food Wednesday: January 25, 2012

So after our "Stop SOPA Blackout" last week, New Food Wednesday has returned (thanks to everyone for speaking out against SOPA).  This week's posting features another culinary tradition from my Scandinavian cousins.  Of course, this typically means that if you have a poor stomach, weak heart, or are simply unadventurous, you should NOT in any way, shape, or form continue reading.  It seems that the culinary traditions of my familial ancestors don't sit well with the average American palate.  Though I must confess, I'm having trouble digesting this week's post.
Look closely...very closely

Find out what it is after the jump...

It's Smalahove!  That's right boys and girls it's a smoked sheep head traditionally eaten before Christmas in part of Norway.  And it's all there; tounge, eyes, brain, oh my!

Maybe Don Corleone was actually Norwegian?

(For the complete Wikipedia article please visit:

Eat good food.  Drink good beer.  And above all, stay classy!


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