Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beer Review - Straight to Ale Unobtanium

Straight to Ale "Unobtanium"
Author's Note:
"Unobtanium" from Straight to Ale (Huntsville, AL)is quickly becoming a spring staple for local beer connoisseurs.  It's name is a playful twist on the aerospace engineering term used to define materials that are perfect for a given application, with the exception that they don't exist.  And like its counterpart in the engineering world, this beer is increasingly unobtainable due to its limited production and high demand.  It is Huntsville's home grown version of "Dark Lord" from Three Floyds.  If you're in the area, and the bar you're visiting is lucky enough to have received a keg, make sure you order a glass (just watch out for the ABV it's a whalloping 11%+).

Style: Barrel-aged old ale

Origin: Straight to Ale Brewery, Huntsville, AL

Appearance: Rich, dark mahogany, with a fleeting white head (expected for the style).  With surprisingly little sediment, this brew boasts an appearance that celebrates the epitome of its style.

Aroma: While the aroma of alcoholic esters are present throughout its profile, this beer's bouquet opens with the sweet smell of figs and raisins dancing blissfully across the nose, supported by notes of caramel with the slightest twinge of earthy leather, and finishing with the faintest odor of peaches or apricots.

Taste: Mellow caramel explodes across the palate, and quickly transitions to supporting notes of vanilla and sweet tobacco.  The final taste pleasingly transitions to very rich, earthy caramel (not entirely unlike a well toasted marshmallow).

Mouthfeel:  This beer possesses a big, bold body, but wields very mellow mouthfeel.  It is rich, jammy, and entirely enjoyable!

Great beer guys!  Keep up the great work!

Eat good food.  Drink good beer.  And above all, stay classy!

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